Info: The API Endpoints, Libraries, and SDKs will continue functioning, but development has stopped.

The Coronavirus Current and Historical Data API is developed by the team at Hori Systems Limited to help data scientists, government agencies, health professionals, and the public effectively understand and respond to Coronavirus. Independent developers and companies can use it to build interactive data visualization dashboards and applications (mobile and web) and integrate them with their internal tools.

Pro Tip: The API Documentation is accessible here. Read the API Agreement before using COVID19 API.


The COVID-19 API is free, but we can provide custom branding and integrations for enterprise organizations.

Enterprise Custom Integrations

Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage, Database, FTP/SFTP and FTPS protocols.

Friendly Human Support

A 24-hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures timely responses to inquiries or concerns. Additionally, we provide email support, allowing you to communicate directly with our team for assistance.

SDK & Client Libraries