Integrate Global Tax API with Enterprise Software

Managing tax compliance across multiple jurisdictions presents significant challenges in today’s global business landscape. Integrating Horisystem’s Global Tax API with enterprise applications offers a powerful solution to streamline this complex process.

The Power of Invoice OCR API

Invoice OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology automatically extracts data from unstructured invoices, eliminating manual data entry. It includes tax-related information such as amounts, tax rates, and jurisdictions. By digitising this data, businesses gain a solid foundation for accurate tax calculations and reporting.

Integrating Global Tax API

Global Tax API seamlessly connects with enterprise applications, enabling real-time tax calculations based on the extracted invoice data. This API incorporates up-to-date tax rules and rates for various countries and regions, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Key benefits of this integration include:

  • Automatic tax determination based on invoice data
  • Reduced errors and inconsistencies in tax calculations
  • Centralised tax configuration for multiple business units and geographies
  • Simplified tax returns and reporting

Enhancing ERP and Accounting Systems

Integrating Invoice OCR API and a Global Tax API with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting systems takes tax compliance to the next level. The integration enables seamless data flow, reducing manual intervention and minimising the risk of errors. With real-time tax calculations and automatic posting of tax entries, businesses can streamline their financial processes and ensure accurate reporting across all systems.

Do you have questions about integrating Invoice OCR and Global Tax API with your enterprise software or any of the ones listed below? Contact us to learn more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
BlueCherry by CGS
Oracle Fusion
Oracle NetSuite
SAP Business ByDesign
SAP Business One
Sage 100
Sage 300
Sage X3
AFAS Software


Integrating Global Tax API empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of international tax compliance. By automating tax calculations, reducing manual effort, and ensuring accurate reporting, companies can focus on their core operations while maintaining compliance. Embrace this powerful combination to streamline your global tax processes and stay ahead in today’s dynamic business environment.